veto and section 230 repeal

Veto $740 billion in military and section 230 repeal. President Donald Trump has vowed to repeal a major defense spending bill unless it entails repealing a key law providing tech companies with liability insurance for the way they moderate content. Veto $740 billion and section 230 repeal.

Late on Tuesday, Trump tweeted, “Section 230, which is a U.S. gift of liability shielding to ‘Big Tech’ (the only companies in America that have it-corporate welfare!), is a serious threat to our National Security & Election Integrity.” If we allow it to stand….. Our nation will never be safe & stable.

Thus if, as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the extremely dangerous & unjust Section 230 is not absolutely terminated, I would be compelled to unambiguously VETO the Bill when sent to the very beautiful Resolute desk. NOW, take America back. Thank you! ”

veto $740 billion in military and section 230 repeal


Trevor Noah Breaks Down How Trump Will Spend $170M in Contributions from Supporters

Although there are calls from both sides to amend Section 230, there are various explanations for it. For years, Trump has been lashing out at social media giants for perceived social media bias, although the networks deny they are engaged in any sort of systemic attempt to stifle conservative voices. Rather as part of an overall argument against the media in general, Trump has seized on particular events.

Section 230 refers to a crucial passage passed in 1996 of the Communications Decency Act which provides internet businesses a protection from liability for how they treat content from third parties on their sites. The industry, particularly social media, has long defended the law as necessary for growth and innovation.

A statement from its interim president and CEO, Jon Berroya, was released by the Internet Association, which represents major Internet firms, including Facebook and Twitter.

Berroya said The repeal of Section 230 is itself a threat to national security.” “The legislation empowers online sites, like extremist content and disinformation, to delete offensive and dangerous content. Section 230 also funds various websites, software, and programmes for e-commerce that allow small businesses around the country to keep the lights on during a pandemic. Veto $740 billion in military and section 230 repeal

The NDAA is an annual defence bill giving the US military approximately $740 billion in spending. If lawmakers voted to rename Army posts named after Confederate generals, Trump threatened to veto the bill in July.

Section 230 of the 1996 Communications and Decency Act provides extensive legal rights to internet businesses. It implies that tech firms will determine how to moderate their own sites and are excluded from responsibility for content shared by their users. Veto $740 billion in military and section 230 repeal

Since May, when Twitter put fact-checks on two of his tweets, Trump has been raging against the constitution. Trump signed an executive order two days later, on May 28, instructing federal regulators to study how parts of Section 230. could be rolled back. He accused Big Tech firms of discriminating against conservative users, an assertion that was refuted by businesses.

In September, the Department of Justice sent draught legislation to Congress and the Federal Communications Commission agreed in October to review the interpretation of Section 230.

Trump’s push to get the law changed was delayed by the US election, and legal experts told Business Insider that there was no possibility of any amendments to Section 230 before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20.

Read more In these 3 regions, Big Tech should plan for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ pushback.

“Even in the most optimistic scenario, any final rule will be challenged immediately in court and be put on hold,” said Scott Shackelford, Indiana University’s associate professor of business law and ethics. “Plus, any executive action in this context cannot fundamentally change Section 230, not without congressional action.”

With a two-thirds majority, Congress is able to override a presidential veto. Per Politico, during his presidency, Trump vetoed eight bills, and Congress was unable to bring together sufficient bipartisan support to override them.

This means that the US will have to wait until Biden’s inauguration before military spending can resume if Trump follows through on his threat.

An unnamed source told The Washington Post that Republicans had proposed to Democrats that it was possible to trade the refurbishment of Section 230 for the renaming of military bases named after Confederate leaders, but that bid was overwhelmingly refused.

Many Democrats have expressed support, but for different reasons than Republicans have, for reforming Section 230. In January, Biden expressed support for the repeal of the law on the grounds that it gave too much protection for hosting harmful content to tech giants.

In 2018, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled otherwise, stating in its view that the terms of service of Facebook at the time stated that users “own all the content and information” that they share on the website and therefore Section 230 applied protection.

The reference of the president to electoral integrity may relate to a series of comments on the outcome of the Nov. 3 contest he himself made on social media platforms. One estimate, from Variety magazine, found that, like this recent claim, the president was flagged at least 200 times for publishing, or reposting, false election-related content online.

Without evidence, Trump and his legal defence team argued that the election was rigged or otherwise illegitimate, although he allowed President-elect Joe Biden to continue with the transition of power.

This is the second time that the president has tried to nix the security measure, Politico noted Wednesday.

Among its different intentions, the act notes that internet service providers are not publishers themselves and are thus protected from consumer material that could be considered pornographic, offensive or otherwise obscene.

“No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall treat any information provided by another provider of information content as a publisher or speaker,” the section reads.

When the bill passed, social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook did not exist. Google didn’t either.

The courts have repeatedly sided with those businesses since their creation. In Force v. Facebook, however the complainants argued that Facebook was illegally offering a contact channel for Hamas, the Palestinian group designated as a terrorist group. On appeal, the plaintiffs said that under Section 230, the lower courts wrongly protected Facebook.

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Is Elliot Page really a transgender?

Is Elliot Page really a transgender? “In an announcement welcomed as a watershed moment for the trans community in Hollywood, Oscar-nominated actor Elliot Page, the star of “Juno,” “Inception,” and The Umbrella Academy,” came out as transgender Tuesday.

Is Elliot Page really a transgender?

“I love that I’m trans. And I love that I’m queer,” said Page in a social media post.

After a long journey and with much support from the LGBTQ community, Page, the 33-year-old Nova Scotia star, said his decision to come out as a trans, which also included changing his first name, came about.

Page wrote, “I can’t start expressing how remarkable it feels to finally love who I am enough to pursue my genuine self.” So many in the trans community have inspired me endlessly.

Thank you for your courage, your kindness and your relentless efforts to make this planet a place that is more inclusive and compassionate.

“Page, who said his pronouns were “he” and “they,” added, “The more I keep myself close and truly accept who I am, the more I dream, the more my heart expands and the more I prosper.

With the words “All my love, Elliot,” Page signed his statement.

The news was widely praised on social media by supporters of LGBTQ rights and those in the film industry. “Netflix, maker of the The Umbrella Academy” comic book series, said So proud of our superhero! Elliot, we love you!

Page wrote, “I can’t start expressing how remarkable it feels to finally love who I am enough to pursue my genuine self.” So many in the trans community have inspired me endlessly. Thank you for your courage, your kindness and your relentless efforts to make this planet a place that is more inclusive and compassionate.

What Nick Adams said on this?

“Elliot Page has provided us with fantastic on-screen characters, and has been an outspoken advocate for all LGBTQ people,” said Nick Adams, Transgender Media Director of GLAAD. “Now he will be an inspiration to countless trans and non-binary people. All transgender people deserve the opportunity to be ourselves and to be accepted for who we are. Today we celebrate the remarkable Elliot Page.”

In a role as a pregnant teenager that won him an Academy Award nomination, Page broke out in Jason Reitman’s 2007 film “Juno.”

Page has also worked to bring to the screen the lives of LGBTQ characters, including the 2015 film “Freeheld,” which he directed and starred as a dying New Jersey police detective’s partner who was denied pension benefits.

He made his directorial debut last year with the documentary “There’s Something in the Water,” about environmental harm in Nova Scotia’s Black and First Nations communities.

My joy is true, but it’s fragile as well. The truth is I’m afraid, too, despite feeling deeply happy right now and knowing how much privilege I hold. I’m afraid of invasiveness, of hatred, of jokes, of violence. I am not trying to dampen a moment that is enjoyable and one that I celebrate, to be honest, but I want to discuss the whole picture as well. There are staggering figures. Discrimination against trans individuals is pervasive, insidious, and inhuman, resulting in dire consequences. At least 40 transgender people, the majority of whom were Black and Latinx trans women, were confirmed to have been killed in 2020 alone. You have blood on your hands, to the elected officials who work to criminalize trans health care and deny our right to live and to all those with a large platform who continue to spew hatred to the trans community.

“have blood on [their] hands “have blood on [their] hands “a fury of vile and demeaning rage that lands on the shoulders of the trans community. “a fury of vile and demeaning rage that lands on the shoulders of the trans community, “We won’t be silent in the face of your attacks. “We will not be complicit in it.

Sept. 07, 2019, Elliot Page attends The IMDb Studio in Toronto.

I love being trans. And I love being queer. the more I recognize who I am, the more I dream, the more my heart expands and the more I thrive, “I love that I am trans.

And I love that I am queer. the more I hold myself close and fully embrace who I am, the more I dream, the more my heart grows and the more I thrive, “I love being trans. I love being queer. And the more I hold myself close and fully embrace who I am. “To all trans people who deal with harassment, self-loathing, abuse, and the threat of violence every day:

I see you, I love you and I will do everything I can to change this world for the better.”

Page’s post was liked by hundreds of thousands of people and his partner, dancer Emma Portner, reposted his comment on her own website.

“I am so proud of Elliot page. Trans, queer and non-binary people are a gift to this world,”Trans, queer and non-binary people are a gift to this world. “I also ask for patience & privacy but that you join me in the fervent support of trans life every single day. Elliot’s existence is a gift in and of itself. Shine on sweet E. Love you so much.”

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schools closings in the month of Christmas

Another outbreak in cases of coronavirus is upon us and it is appalling. More than a million new cases have been seen in the United States in the last seven days. There were two days last week in which the national tally of confirmed COVID-19 deaths, for the first time since May, rose above 2,000. 60,000 to 90,000 additional deaths are expected by late January, based on current forecasts. schools closings in the month of Christmas.


Any relaxation of restrictions on masking or social distancing is likely to add to that number. Thousands of people who were contaminated over the Thanksgiving weekend would undoubtedly be in hospital beds around Christmas, prompting ubiquitous alerts from news media and public health officials about the dangers of holiday travel and visits.

At the same time, Operation Warp Pace, a public-private partnership, and a major global research initiative are on track to deliver billions of doses of successful, safe vaccines that are expected to help crush the pandemic over the next year. schools closings in the month of Christmas.

We’re about to cross a bridge that’s going to carry us out of this pandemic. What counts now, with as few infections, disabilities, and fatalities as possible, is bringing as many individuals as we can over the bridge.

We have in the short term, a small range of resources available for managing the pandemic in this landscape of challenging threats and surprising hope. These instruments concentrate on different expressions of social distance.

schools closings in the month of Christmas

K-12 schools

Under this group, the closure of K-12 schools was perhaps the most consequential and most divisive decision: the trade-offs between the needs of children to be trained and socialised and the degree to which open schools lead to the spread of infections have been strongly debated in many places across the nation.

This is doubly tragic because the evidence clearly suggests that school closures are among the most successful tools we have for minimising the spread of viral infections from a science and public health perspective.

Yale physician and sociologist Nicholas Christakis discusses the historical and epidemiological evidence about this topic in a new book, Apollo’s Arrow:

The Profound and Lasting Effect of Coronavirus on the Way We Live. “Although he does not discount the ambiguities and tradeoffs associated with school closures, he argues that the impact of prohibiting occasional large gatherings such as sports activities or religious services is not even similar to that of school closure” and that “school closures are the most effective public health measure] that can be used, short of asking everyone to stay home.

Christakis depends on data obtained within the United States and other nations from previous pandemics. In 12 separate nations, a study of research from 1957 to 2015 found that closing schools postponed and decreased outbreak peaks.

The longer schools are kept closed, the later the plateau is reached. These closures have the advantage of reducing the final case count, thereby preventing illness and death, whether the peak comes early or late.

The proof is much clearer within the United States. More than forty U.S. cities were analysed in a report analysing “nonpharmaceutical interventions” introduced during the 1918 pandemic and found that closing schools and banning public meetings helped dramatically reduce excess deaths.

The same paper showed that cities, like St. Louis, Missouri, encountered outbreaks that were less brutal than other cities that did not introduce them early or maintain them as long as they did, implementing these policies early and maintaining them for long periods.

An significant aspect here was that absenteeism grew sharply at the height of the epidemic in some areas, whether or not schools closed officially, essentially a community closing of the schools rather than a government edict.

Something similar happened this year: parents in some areas, particularly during the early months, started to keep their children home even before schools were officially closed. schools closings in the month of Christmas.

If they are applied early in an outbreak or late, these closings are successful. The best results are obtained by proactive closures (i.e. before cases of a disease actually appear), but also reactive closures (i.e. those conducted after cases appear) are also efficient.

Peak attack rates can be decreased by up to 40 percent by a reactive closure. Early closures are challenging and politically divisive, but they produce the best benefits for public health.

COVID-19 is primarily an adult disease, and the older the adult, the harder the disease strikes. Why are school closures successful in reducing cases and accidents, then?

The answer is that a school is a centre for parents and other adults for group connections and future transitions. School closures are effective because they decrease interaction between the adult population and their mobility.

Parents do not communicate as much with teachers, other school personnel, or one another. Extracurricular conduct ceases or is transferred online.

Parents stay home more to care for kids, thereby reducing their exposure in their workplaces to the disease. As we’ve noted in the last nine months, life slows down when schools close and so does the spread of the virus.

In short, it is not about protecting children per se that school closures are about as much as protecting the adult population upon which those children rely. School closures are an act of social and intergenerational unity, with children delaying the benefits of education and peer relationships, while adults are sacrificing the freedom to continue their usual personal business, and professional lives.

The results of these measures are clear: fewer sickness and death and, ultimately, more parents and grandparents around to educate and raise children in the future.

As other studies of the 1918 pandemic have indicated, the framework for restoring socioeconomic functioning after the pandemic is given by policies that maintain human life, intelligence, ability, and wisdom.

If the influenza passed, the societies that enforced and maintained harsh social distancing measures and financial shutdowns had the earliest and fastest economic recoveries.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and parents and teachers in New York City’s farcical attitudes, unpredictability, and miscommunication are a paradigm of poor policy made in the worst possible way.

The main thing to bear in mind at this stage is that we are far closer to the end of the pandemic than to the beginning, as bad as things now appear, with the case counts and death counts rising again.

As the pandemic crests and hard-won vaccines and medicines become available in the first half of 2021, commitments made to restrict social activity now including school closures, are not expected to last forever but have a clear time period. schools closings in the month of Christmas.

While school closings entail painful tradeoffs in several ways, we can dramatically minimize sickness, injury and death by imposing them for the next few months and look forward to a stronger recovery next summer.

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Best 5 SVG Tools that works in 2020

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an image format specified by the W3C as its specification. Using XML markup, SVG defines two dimensional vector graphics. You can think of SVG as the image equivalent of HTML. Lets talk about Best 5 SVG Tools that works in 2020.

SVG, which stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, is an image format based on XML that allows vector graphics to be used on your web pages. It is lightweight on any display, scalable and crystal clear. For any size screen, raster images do not function, you can future proof your assets like icons, illustrations etc. by using SVG.

It’s very difficult to use code to build an SVG image. To build a functional SVG Feature, we have to use professional tools such as Adobe Illustrator or Sketch, etc. We find some simple but powerful online SVG Editing software. You can find the list below and can use most of these SVG editors for easy SVG editing online. Create simple SVG icons, shapes, etc with these tools.

SVG uses geometric primitives such as points, lines, curves and polygons to represent the image instead of defining images with columns and lines of pixels. This is what we call graphics of vectors. When we increase their size, the difference is in the way these images work. Since vector images use mathematical expressions to resize the graph, the image is described without any loss.


Glyphter gives you access to 16 different sources of SVG icons and fonts. You can then use these to map out your own SVG fonts sprite.

Best 5 SVG Tools that works in 2020


Chartist helps designers, developers and even simple webmasters to amplify their content visual appearance with interactive and dynamic that look and feel amazing on any device.


Snap.svg lets you create, build and edit SVG files for free to create modern and state-of-the-art animations that will blow anyone away!


Method Draw is a straightforward on-line web app for free editing of SVG files. Specifically, it has been built as an on-line vector graphics editor.

Best 5 SVG Tools that works in 2020


Raw is an open-source web app for creating vector-based visual animations and charts with the help of the D3.js graphics library, through the use of a simple editing interface.

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best Christmas gifts for loved ones 2020

Holiday gift guides are live today!! Yay!! I’ve put together easy shopping collections for everyone in your list!⁣ best Christmas gifts for loved ones 2020. 🎅🏼Christmas is sneaking up on us, who’s ready ✨🎁

1. Beautiful Gifts for Her⁣
2. Thoughtful Gifts for Him⁣
3. Playful Gift for Kids & Teens⁣
4. Presents for the Chef⁣
5. Best gifts for the Entertainer⁣
6. Awesome gifts for the Gardener⁣

If you don’t want to spend hours looking for the perfect gift, head over and see my choices for everyone on your list.

Little holiday story

We started a tradition this year. I love Christmas and the whole decorating thing used to bring me so much joy. I used to do a huge 12-13 foot live tree, boughs of holly, winter scene, wreath and whole thing each year and loved it!

When I got divorced 10 years ago, I gave away all of my Christmas decorations. I was depressed and on a little binge and I just stopped caring about the joy of the season.

My IVF journey was only on year 4 or 5 at the time but I was spiraling inside and the holidays lost some of the glitter. My brother found out I gave away all the ornaments and he was bummed I didn’t save the ones from our childhood.

We had put them up every year that we had a tree. I really didn’t care till my dreams came true and Devin was born and all of the wonder of the season came back to my heart.

We were having a pandemic style family meal in my mom’s garage, and I was really wishing I hadn’t gotten rid of all those beautiful ornaments when I looked up and saw a box that appeared to be ornaments!

My brother got the box down and together we got a little Christmas gift from the universe as the box was filled with the ornaments we had been wishing for.

They were there all along. I had just pushed that part of me out of my heart and lost it along with the ornaments. Or so I thought! So we started a new tradition. Christmas tree goes up on Thanksgiving. I love it. Devin had fun too!

The blue/white fabric advent calendars

best Christmas gifts for loved ones 2020 calendar

On this Christmas, wrap the gift and add a handwritten message and send straight to your loved one. Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving filled with lots of food and family time! What is your favorite thanksgiving food?

The Christmas Tree Stroll at Disney Springs.

best Christmas gifts for loved ones 2020 tree

🎁High quality Christmas gift bags: Christmas bags gift bags made of sturdy Kraft paper allow you to fill without fear; very thick and strong, exquisite and unique in design; easy to unfold or fold for convenient carrying. The flat bottom makes it easy to stand. Pretty strong for goodies as party bags, perfect for Christmas presents.

Depressing rant alert

This has been a hard week. House is still on hold and no real progress for months. When we started building at the beginning of 2019, our goal was always to be in for Christmas 2020. Well that has failed miserably.

I think this week I felt so down as everyone is busy decorating their houses for Christmas and we have another year not in the house. Then I made the conscious decision during the week that I’m not putting up any tree. But I just lost the heart for decorating this year.

But today we got up, took Penny to the beach and got some much needed fresh air. It really helped to clear the mind and make me think about the future. Really hoping all will be up and running soon and next Christmas our house will be a winter wonderland.

But for now, I’m enjoying watching everyone’s progress and the fabulous homes being decorated. It’s giving me so many ideas for next year.

So if you have a bad day or a bad week, just go with it. We are all in the one boat. Nothing is perfect and we just have to ride the storm.

My top 3 of Christmas trees in Prague 🎄

best Christmas gifts for loved ones 2020 tree

What’s your favorite Christmas tree in the city?
📍Old Town Square
📍Náměstí Míru
📍Náměstí Republiky

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KFC China implement “food truck” autonomous 5G

Are you ready for speedy technological advancements? KFC China implement “food truck” autonomous 5G.

Let’s talk about technology and innovation. In order to reduce and prevent the risk of spreading COVID-19, KFC is working with one of the small unmanned vehicle manufacturers, Neolix. They are innovating using 5G technology to create self-service KFC services with cars without humans.

In its service, customers who want to buy can choose several available menus. Customers can immediately scan the QR code to make payments. Apart from KFC, Neolix is ​​also working with Pizza Hut to create a mobile restaurant service.

Corona virus in China makes technological development in China even more rapid. As did the KFC company in China. They serve their fried chicken sales through an autonomous food truck in collaboration with the Neolix.

When the world is still battling the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is required to carry out social distancing.  Choose cashless payments wherever possible. In China, KFC appears to have started using 5G autonomous vehicles that allow customers to buy food.

“food truck” autonomous 5G

KFC China implement a "food truck" autonomous 5G

KFC China Launches Autonomous Car Service in Shanghai City Able to Move and Transact without Human Services. On Wednesday, November 25, 2020, a photo circulated in cyberspace showing the car, unmanned, being driven and utilizing autonomous 5G network technology. Cars from Neolix As is known already technologically autonomous at level 4. Where the sophistication can avoid obstacles thanks to embedded sensors and systems LIDAR, GPS and computer vision to detect the environment.

These autonomous vehicles allow people to buy products from the chain without having contact with other people, thus saving time (the most precious commodity we have).

To place an order, customers must choose their meals on a touch screen. Then, the payment is made via a QR code. Once confirmed you can access your order.

These vehicles are a great option for taking care of the current situation and we would also be working with Pizza Hut among others so that it has its own fleet.

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Diego Maradona has died at the age of 60

Tributes are pouring in for the legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona, who is widely considered one of the greatest players of all time.

Maradona died at his home in Argentina after suffering a heart attack, according to his lawyers. Earlier this month, the Argentine legend underwent brain surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain.

Diego Maradona, widely regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all time. After that drug and alcohol addiction marred his career. He died at his home in Argentina after suffering a heart attack, his lawyer said.

The lights of Napoli’s San Paolo stadium in Naples will stay on all night to pay respect to Diego Maradona.

Diego Maradona

He led Napoli to its only two Serie A titles (1987 and 1990) and raised the spirits of the southern Italian city. Diego Maradona led SSC Napoli to two Serie A titles in 1987 and 1990, becoming a sports icon in the process. Following news of his death, fans in Naples poured into the streets to pay tribute. People have started a candlelight vigil by a Diego Maradona mural in Naples, Italy.

I was on a flight to Buenos Aires once that he was on. He was in first and I was in cattle but the plane was abuzz and I saw how beloved he was by Argentina. When we left the airport he was thronged by reporters and TV cameras.

‘Yesterday not only he died. Yesterday the entire city of Naples died together with Argentina.’ Fans across the world are mourning the loss of footballing legend Diego Maradona. ‘Diego was rebellion. You had to feel Diego,’ said one fan. Groups of supporters gathered.

Diego Armando Maradona, famous Argentinian ex-footballer, who performed the “Hand of God” at the 1986 FIFA World Cup, died yesterday because of a cardiorespiratory arrest.

Diego Maradona‘s body arrived at the presidential palace in Argentina today as a grieving country prepares to pay its last respects to the flawed football genius who died on Wednesday at the age of 60.

Diego Maradona isn’t died but his body, he will always be remembered for the magic he created and shown to the world!

Diego maradona

Maradona Grew up in the favelas of Argentina, Played footie a little, Won WC, Danced around the pitch, Did coke, hookers, management… anything you can imagine.. Lived a great life. And died.

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50 best slack groups for developers to join in 2020

Discover the smartest, most interesting and active 50 best slack groups communities worldwide for developers to join in 2020.






Developers and Tech


Frontend Slacks


50 best slack groups for developers to join in 2020





4. Laravel :

The current unemployment rate is over 14.5 percent — the highest its been since 1953 (which was a record low at 2.5). Coronavirus has really impacted it. The main thing here is to NOT simply label this as a loss (we prefer to avert losses as humans – and we make faulty decisions based on trying to avert them). ⠀

This can be an opportunity. (This is not to undermine the real struggles people are experiencing or feeling at all!)⠀

(1) An opportunity to rediscover whether or not you want to be in the area of work you’re in — yes, this can seem daunting, but it can also seem fun — depending upon your perspective.⠀

(2) PIVOT: It’s a word that has become a fad right now — but its true, you have every opportunity to start again. Scary? Most definitely. But regret can be even scarier. ⠀

(3) Pick up a new skill, try a new idea, call your old business partner – push the envelope!⠀

(4) Wake up daily with a goal in mind (i.e. I want to apply for 5 jobs today; then write 3 things you’re grateful for (non-job related) — Neuroscience shows you can’t be grateful and anxious at the same time. ⠀

(5) Contact old bosses, friends in the sector you want to be in – and begin conversations. And yes, send cold emails. Start somewhere. Email is the way we communicate today – don’t be intimidated – use these peculiar times to your advantage. Be creative — and dare I say it: Have fun!⠀

(6) Create an environment that is realistic to your levels of anxiety and an environment that ensure you succeed and you are closer to your goals every day.

Thanks for reading, comment below if you want to see more posts like this. Tell me your thoughts and share with your friends.

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10 Psychological Marketing tricks that Works

We will cover all 10 psychological marketing tricks. In the previous part of this post, we saw the following 5 psychological marketing tricks that Works:
1. Priming
2. Decoy effect
3. Reciprocity
4. Social proof
5. Scarcity

Let’s move to the next 5 set of psychological marketing tricks:

Today we’ll be talking about:⁠

1. Anchoring⁠
2. Verbatim effect⁠
3. Clustering⁠
4. Baader-Meinhof phenomenon
5. Loss aversion⁠

and how these can help you grow your business instantly!⁠


In marketing, the use of the anchoring effect takes advantage of a weakness in the human mind that suggests that we do not accept the worth of a choice based on its intrinsic value. Instead, we weigh various deals against each other; we make choices based on comparative values.

Verbatim effect⁠

People prefer to categories meaning-based knowledge rather than how the meaning is portrayed. This means that for content marketers, you can concentrate less on ensuring the specific organization and wording, more on how the content makes users feel.


The predictive marketing version of the segmenting process is clustering. Segmenting is a method of placing clients in groups based on similarities. Clustering is the mechanism in which customers identify similarities so that they can be clustered, and therefore segmented.

Baader-Meinhof phenomenon

The BAADER-MEINHOF phenomenon is the phenomenon in which something that you have heard recently unexpectedly appears to everyone, often referred to as prejudice (or illusion). The phenomenon of BAADER-MEINHOF is the seeming presence in unlikely ways of a newly learned term.

Psychological Marketing tricks

Loss aversion

Loss aversion is a strong psychological theory. People feel losses more deeply than gains are felt. That’s why marketers depend on urgency, the theory of scarcity, and loss aversion to sell goods. Loss aversion can get them to move when they usually stand still.

Psychological Marketing tricks

Thanks for reading, comment below if you want to see more posts like this.

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Psychological Marketing Tricks for Beginners

One of the key part of Psychological Marketing is understanding how (and why) people think and act the way⁠ they do.⁠ It’s much harder to create compelling content marketing, for example, if you don’t know why⁠ it would be compelling to your audience in the first place. There are many Psychological Marketing tricks.

Before you jump into the tactical nitty-gritty of marketing, it’s really helpful to understand how people⁠ operate.⁠ Which is essentially what the entire field of psychology attempts to explain. Understanding some key⁠ principles of psychology can take your marketing from good to amazing, all because the right⁠ audience is reading and identifying with it (and most likely converting on it, too).⁠

⁠To help you attract, convince, and convert more people with your marketing, you should know the⁠ following lessons about psychology:⁠

  1. Priming⁠
  2. Reciprocity⁠
  3. Social Proof⁠
  4. Decoy Effect⁠
  5. Scarcity⁠

One key part of being a great marketer is understanding how (and why) people think and act the way they do. Understanding some key principles of psychology can take your marketing from good to amazing. To help you attract, convince, and convert more people with your marketing, you should know the following lessons about psychology.


Priming in marketing is a subconscious reaction to stimuli that influences our conscious decisions to new stimuli. It works by using associations made in our subconscious mind, and are almost always unnoticeable to the subject.

Psychological Marketing Tricks

Decoy Effect

The decoy effect is the phenomenon whereby consumers will tend to have a specific change in preference between two options when also presented with a third option that is asymmetrically dominated.

Decoy Effect


The reciprocity principle is one of the basic laws or social psychology. It says that in many social situations we pay back what we received from others. In other words, if john does you a favor, you’re likely to return it to him. when give first, without expecting anything in return, it goes a long way in helping to build the like and trust factor.

Social Proof⁠

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation.

Social Proof


Scarcity marketing is a type of marketing technique that’s based on the principle that people want what is difficult to obtain. It includes product, promotion pricing and distribution strategies.


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