Air travel has become a fundamental piece of our lives. The air traffic development is likely to increase at a yearly pace of 5.5%. With such a huge framework and the number of individuals settling on this quicker method of transportation, security concerns become vital. Most people think of only the aircraft when it comes to travel. In any case, for sure it includes a collective and synchronized working of the air activities, aviation authority, groups, air terminals, and climate and security administrations. To have a more intensive glance at the tragic reality of Aircraft crashes, the accompanying comprises of different various insights on plane smashed between 2010 – 2020.

            We have collected the data form for Aircraft crashed during 2010-2020. And analyzed the data to find the major cause of the crashed. While analyzing the data we take under consideration theses parameters. Accident, Incident, Hijacking, Criminal occurrence (sabotage, shoot down), other occurrence (ground fire, sabotage)

We found that most of the planes crashed by Accident and hull loss. So we mainly focus on the accidental crashes of planes in this report and polices in order to prevent the accidents.

In order to find the causes of the plane crash we have to analyses the data so that we could come to any conclusion. We take data of plane crashed during 2010 – 2020. With help of that we found the causes of crashes the dates of crashes. Total number of crashes per year and in whole time cycle. We found that the plane crashes are due to following reasons

A = Accident
I = Incident
H = Hijacking
C = Criminal occurrence (sabotage, shoot down)
O= other occurrence (ground fire, sabotage)

But till now we were not able to find the major cause of crashes so we interpretate  the data and found that the crashes due to hijacking, criminal occurrence and other occurrence like ground fires , sabotage are very less as compare to crashes due to accidents with hull loss and incidents.

The accidents in the planes could happen because of many reasons. So we have analyses  data in order to find main problems of accidents and after reading many plane crash accidents reports we come to find some major problems that causes accidents. The major problems found are:

  • Equipment Failure/Malfunction
  • Human Error
  • Mid-air Collisions
  • Pilot Error
  • Weather

Imperfections in airplane can be brought about by design flaw, manufacturer flaw, or wear and tear from use. In spite of the fact that investigations are performed on the plane when flights, mishaps despite everything result from defective gear and failing parts. From mechanics and ground group to airline attendants and air traffic controllers, these experts all assume a significant job in the upkeep and safe activity of the airplane. The Government Flying Organization (FAA) takes a gander at the preparation every individual has gotten, the tender loving care that was given before the flight removed, and the correspondence that exists before aviation authority, the ground group, and the pilot to decide whether human mistake added to the reason for the mishap. Mid-air crashes are less common than different kinds of flying mishaps, most of the planes use the most up to date innovation for its aviation authority framework. Also, carriers are required to have TCAS II crash shirking frameworks, which distinguish possible impacts with other transponder-prepared airplane and encourage pilots to climb or make a plunge reaction. At the point when these gadgets glitch or are overlooked, mishaps can happen. Pilots are liable for the protected transportation of their travelers. On occasion, once in a while, pilots neglect to consent to legitimate strategies in the activity of an airplane. Unexpected climate, for example, disordered wind, freezing ice climate, rainstorms and lightning, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, can influence both little and huge planes. Before planes can fly in frosty climate, they are de-frosted, and all planes are required to have forward-looking radar wind-shear finders installed.

Prevention of Aircrafts Accidents

Our analysis is centered on deciding and breaking down the conditions of the mishap, flight capability of the aircrew, association of the flight.

Measure to forestall mishap rate from expanding are created by administrators because of an examination concentrated on exercises and reasons for them. Anticipation ought to essentially concentrate on training and instruction of the aircrew, care for the avionics hardware, and specialized help to air traffic, authoritative and control issues just as the field of care for the work power and so on. Nonetheless, prevention ought to demonstrate wasteful if not completed on a premise of arranging and consistent quality. As its generous part is comprised of the investigations of air mishaps, the administrator is subject to utilize all the specialized apparatuses of target control for the most part flight information recorders, magneto phone tapes and so forth.

The instruments must be held in flawless specialized status and follow advancement in time. A few aircrafts may discover it monetarily too requesting, however ventures into counteraction are not implied as cash through out of the window. It tends to be said without a doubt that any air mishap is substantially more costly than the expenses of the preventive measures.

Air mishap is only from time to time an aftereffect of a solitary reason. It is ordinary for them to start from a blend of variables. It is the collation of these occasions, which will in the long run bring about air mishap. Accordingly, by anticipation of mishaps is implied ideal recognition and end of the causes before it develops into an occasion.

Interview of a Pilot

The hero pilot who safely landed his crippled jet on New York’s Hudson River has told how he felt “calm on the outside, turmoil on the inside”.

Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger guided the US Airways Airbus 320 – with 154 passengers onboard – to a perfect emergency splash landing when its engines cut out after apparently hitting a flock of geese.

Speaking after getting a standing ovation during the Super Bowl in Tampa, Florida, the cool-headed 58-year-old described the drama as “shocking” and “surreal”.

In a brief interview he told US TV: “It was very quiet as we worked, my co-pilot and I. We were a team. But to have zero thrust coming out of those engines was shocking… the silence.”

Asked how he felt as the jet glided towards the water, veteran flyer Sullenberger – who is desperate to play down his heroics – admitted: “Calm on the outside, turmoil inside.”

Flight 1549 lost power in both engines after the bird strike on take-off from New York’s LaGuardia Airport on January 15 and he made the split-second decision to ditch in the icy water to save crashing into the city.

His proud wife Lorrie revealed they have been flooded with fan mail. She said: “It allows both of us to express emotion about it all. We both sit there and cry.”

All passengers and crew members were plucked to safety unhurt – with the brave dad of two wading waist-deep in water to check the aisles before being rescued last.

President Barack Obama gave him VIP seats at his inauguration, while Virgin boss Richard Branson has offered him a top job.

Last night it emerged Capt Sullenberger had asked his home library in Danville, California, to waive fees for an overdue book – after it sank with the plane.

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